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My Beef With Today’s Earphones

There are several things I can’t live without on a daily basis. Music is one of them. It’s either iTunes, my PS3, or my iPod dock playing something folky/rocky/metal-y/classical-y in the background. Failing that, a set of earphones is never out of reach.

There are three reasons why I choose in-ear earphones over any other sort:

  • I look like an idiot with over-ear headphones
  • Wrap-around earphones are painful
  • In-ear earphones are subtle and easily portable

But this keeps befalling every set I’ve purchased in the last couple of years:

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Maybe I’ve just been making poor choices. When I saw these JVCs on Amazon, read the reviews (of which there are hundreds of 5-star rated), I was pretty much sold.

Contrary to all the hype, the JVC Extreme Explosives were disappointing from the off. Wearing them makes you look like you’re playing a joke with the breadsticks at a restaurant. Using them in bed? Don’t lie on your side if you want to keep them in place. Oh and don’t even think about turning your head to cross the road; one of them’s guaranteed to slip out.

But aside from all that, the fact the inner wires become exposed leading to the eventual death of one or both earbuds, it’s as irritating as it is consistent. Maybe it’s the way I wrap them around my iPod when I’m done listening. I plug them in and out of various ports, maybe that’s it. I might be pulling on that plasticy casing that holds the jack in place too hard. But these reasons should all have been accounted for in the R&D production process, for god’s sake.

It’s obviously too much for me to expect these things to last longer than twelve months. Clearly they’re not meant to, especially when a pair of £90 Bose and some £40 Sennheisers suffer the same fate as my latest JVCs,