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10 Reasons I Want to Quit Reddit But Can’t

For the uninitiated, Reddit is a forum populated by a community of hundreds of thousands. Reddit is a place where people post stuff. Anything. Pictures, videos, questions, observations. For me and most, it’s a time-void. I can spend hours on Reddit, and do so regularly. It’s become an addiction just like Facebook did, but I managed to kick that habit months ago. Maybe it’s time to do the same with Reddit. Here’s why I can’t:

  1. The pleasure of seeing page after page of blue links: stuff you haven’t looked at yet displays a blue hyperlink. They’re purple if you’ve clicked them already.
  2. Discussions: okay so they’re not quite as prominent as they were back in the mid-00s when Reddit was relatively unheard of. But you can come across some pretty heated and entertaining thread arguments.
  3. Where Did The Soda Go
  4. This guy: something of a Reddit celebrity, Shitty Watercolour pops up in comment threads and produces a Quentin Blake-esque watercolour painting of the scenario in question. He once did a 12-hour watercolour painting marathon for charity.
  5. Talking points: I’ve a couple friends who’re also ‘Redditors’. Conversations pretty much revolve around Reddit content, and often start with, “So did you see that thing on-” “Yep!”
  6. I’ve actually learned a lot from Reddit thanks to subreddits like explainlikeimfive and TIL.
  7. You can become involved with popular internet trends.
  8. Someone might send you pizza.
  9. Whether they’re true or not, there are some pretty juicy stories out there.
  10. The karma (just kidding).