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Happy Birthday Battlefield 3: My BF3 Moment

I can confirm that the, uh, sighting of an enemy cake is true…

Really, it’s only been a year since I first slipped BF3 into my PS3 game slot, sat back with a very real sense of dread at how awful I’d be, and become thoroughly engrossed in the eternal battle between the Russian Army and the Marines? Doesn’t seem five minutes.

Probably because I’ve hardly stopped playing the damn thing. I’ve dropped over 500 hours on it. It’s the best £40ish I’ve ever spent. Ever. I’ve worn less comfortable trousers than the feeling of sniping a guy on a rooftop from 100m and paid more for the displeasure. Seriously, BF3 – think of it and its community what you will – is an endless supply of entertainment. For me anyway.

Each match is different thanks to the sheer volume of players. You will encounter similar scenarios like the incessantly fun prospect of tank-hunting, or slitting the throats of two unsuspecting long-scopers lying prone on the fringes of Kharg Island. But, (depending on your determination) you’ll achieve what people have dubbed “BF3 moments”. These are those rare times where the law of physics (as far as you can measure it in a computer game) is broken, an extremely well-timed bullet is shot, or you just happen to be in the right place at the right time to pull off something incredible.

This happened to me a few months ago. Kharg Island, sniper class (something I hardly ever employ), hiding out (not camping, there’s a difference) in one of the buildings by the first Russian conquest point. A car-full of Americans comes careering around the corner heading straight for me – they must’ve seen my scope winking in the OTT sun glare..

Bracing for the joy-riding Marines to storm my hide-out, I aimed down my sights and fired randomly in the direction of the speeding vehicle, hoping to all that’s holy that I’d make contact. I didn’t, not even after several shots.

I did, however, hit the jackpot when my misguided bullet struck an AT mine which triggered the surrounding trio of mines to explode in unison, just as the enemy vehicle was on top of them.

It’s been done before, I know. You can see an example here where the guy pulls it off intently. But the fact I didn’t know the mines were there, compounded with the +3 enemy kill, one vehicle disable and destroy, and 4 exploded mines totalling to hundreds of points at the expense of just one bullet made me stop, put down my controller, and physically celebrate like I’d just scored a 30-yarder.

I briefly re-evaluated my life, re-spawned and carried on.

Happy birthday to the most fun I’ve ever had for the price of a weekly shop.